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The Essentials for Setting up Your Perfect Bachelor Pad!

We all dream of having a place of our own as soon as we reach our mid-20s. But what we do not dream of, is the mess and stench that builds up. So take it step by step and set up the perfect bachelor pad, that’ll keep you content on your regular days or when you have friends over. And to make it a fun yet sophisticated den, you wouldn’t have to spend thousands on it. You can simply get your appliances on rent and alter them up, if and when you feel bored with the setup. Here are some ideas to help you further:

Classy Bedding for the Needed Comfort and Luxury

Whatever you do around the day, a night of long and relaxing quality sleep is always needed to keep your body and mind sane and healthy. So make your bedding one of the top priorities. Invest in a good-quality blanket, one or two sleeping pillows, and a bunch of light-colored bed sheets (preferably white). You can always go for bed comforters, more sheets, and different qualities of pillows if you are willing.

A Bathroom Where You’d Want to Spend Hours

Your work and lifestyle may not let you spend hours cleaning your bathroom or daily effort into it. That doesn’t mean it has to be in an absolute mess, as it is still a room you need to use daily. Keep tile cleaners, scent diffusers, brooms, and a stiff brush and put in a few minutes of cleaning around the week as and when you can instead of waiting for the one day you’d come around it. Keep a towel rack, an organized and sectioned self to keep your washroom essentials, and maybe go for a solid shower curtain.

Keeping the Laundry Light

Handwashing all your clothes is simply not a practical idea and letting all your clothes pile in the corner of a room isn’t an option either. No one and nor you would enjoy walking around and stumbling onto strewn socks or underwear on the floor. So your priority for this should be to get a laundry basket and then get a quality, heavy or light-load washing machine on rent. And try to do your laundry as often as possible, to reduce your time consumed.

Kitchenware and a Dishwasher

You will not need too much dinnerware, cooking utensils, and cutlery. A set of each will do just fine as for the glasses. This should be fine, even when you have your friends and partners over. Get a budget-friendly dishwasher and pop in your day’s used plates and cutlery in and let it do the rest of the work. In the morning or at any point around the day, you can make it a point to restore things where they were so that you’d not need to keep time aside for cleaning and organizing.

Once you cover the basics, you can always opt for better and more luxurious items. But remember the key is to keep it clutter-free, whether of last night’s pizza boxes or from long used appliances. Your room shouldn’t make you tense. Hope this helps you set up your perfect bachelor pad!

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