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Department of Business Development Brilliant idea Creates a happy life application, trains people and small entrepreneurs to make accessible daily accounts for receiving-paying by themselves, creating financial discipline. Live a life of self-sufficiency Focus on planning before taking money out of your pocket. Effectively manage every baht and every satang expenditure. Especially in the situation of COVID-19, You need to be extra careful with your digital cloud-based banking software solutions. During this time, money is significant (more). Repeat!! It’s a must-have item. Who says accounting is complex. Via the android system from now on, And you will know that making an account is easy.

Covid-19 and application divlopment

Mr. Thosapol Thangsubutr, Director-General of the Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce, revealed that the epidemic situation of COVID-19 affects businesses and people all over the world. Especially people who have to change their daily lives from the usual (Normal) to the new normal (New Normal) and the next normal (Next to Normal) that requires more caution in living. Both social distancing avoids contact with each other Wearing a mask/fabric mask Maintaining a clean/healthy body at all times And one more thing to be careful/pay special attention to is to make the most of the limited amount of money. Because many people have had their salaries cut or terminated, they must bring the funds collected to spend. Or receiving government assistance Making money management and living a life of sufficiency is essential in this era of Covid-19.

Business app devlopment

Department of Business Development There is a concept that requires people to live their lives, especially spending money. Most carefully Able to manage income-expenses effectively by yourself, focusing on planning your spending before taking money out of your pocket There is an income-expense-collection for savings. Know your actual expenditure each day. Financial discipline strengthens and stability in long-term life, But the problem found is that most people do not pay much attention to recording their receipts and payments. Accounting is difficult to see. Cause neglect and does not attach importance to daily spending, including being unable to reduce unnecessary expenses in life Makes me feel that the money is not enough, it runs out quickly, the income is not enough, the expenditure without knowing why This is one of the causes of family and social problems such as informal borrowing—quarrels between family members, theft, etc.

Therefore, the Director-General further said that the Department joined forces with Crystal Soft Public Company Limited to create a happy life and financial services application development for people and small entrepreneurs to record their income and expenses. In daily life by design to be easy to use via smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. There is no cost, including changing the attitude that bookkeeping is not difficult anymore. Which can be downloaded for free on Google Play with Android system version 5 and above (the initial stage only works for the Android system). Enter your user ID/password/email/name/phone number. to register login, Log in to use it. Happy life. Record income – expenses every day. Users can view the balance / daily reports – monthly – yearly, both circular diagrams. Or a detailed summary report. You can also save a picture of the report. Or share photos to Facebook, Line, and email instantly.


In addition, when the user has already registered to use, The system will alert users to record income – expenses regularly. To encourage users not to forget to register the account. Able to enter details of payment and costs immediately (Real-Time), enabling them to know their actual financial status immediately. It helps to plan the use of money in the future worthwhile and with maximum efficiency. It can be downloaded and used from now on. However, it is hoped that the Happy Life Low code Isvs for banking and financial app development will be an essential help in changing the lifestyle of people and small entrepreneurs from normal to the new normal. Valuable Reasonable spending Encourage more financial discipline Invite people and small entrepreneurs to download and try the Happy Life app and know that it’s a must-have item. And making an account is easy. The Director-General concluded.

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