The best 10 fascinating webtoons you must read in 2021

Surely you are no stranger to webtoon anymore. This is a popular Korean digital manhwa with a long scroll format unlike the format of Japanese manga. Webtoons are optimized for mobile devices, tablets and in addition, they are published weekly. is famous as a platform specializing in webtoons. With more than 8000 titles, Webtoon is known all over the world. With many outstanding features, as well as attractive titles, Webtoon will bring you the best reading experience. Here is a list of great webtoons you can read:

1. King’s Maker

King’s Maker is about the 4th prince who, after a long time in hiding, has returned. But he refuses everything and is only attracted to the kind Shin Soohyuk. Soohuyk also gradually discovered the special thing behind this stubborn prince. King’s Maker is built with a great cast of characters, engaging plot content. King’s Maker belongs to the romantic genre, the level of violence is rated 4/10, the sexual level: 2/10, the art image 10/10.

2. At the end of the Road

At the end of the Road is about a guy named Taemin who dropped out of school to earn money a long time ago. Meanwhile Siwon is a rich guy, but often bullied. After an accident, Taemin wakes up to find himself as Siwon. And then Siwon continued to be bullied, but Taewon in Siwon’s image couldn’t take it anymore, resisted. And by chance, his old friend Woojin and him discovered Taemin. What will happen next? At the end of the Road is in the romance/drama genre, … visual arts: 8/10, violence level: 8/10, and gender: 8/10.

3. A guy like you

A guy like you talks about the story between Siwon and Jinha when Jinha said that in his dream something happened between them. But Siwon couldn’t remember. And what happened in the end? A guy like you belongs to the genre of romance manhwa, art: 8/10, violence level: 5/10, gender 8.5/10.

4. My secret brother

My secret brother follows a girl named Hanmi in a new learning environment who tricked Lee Gun into paying attention to her. What’s funny is that her joke made people think the two were dating. But Lee Gun is her secret brother. My secret brother belongs to the comedy/romance genre, content: 9/10, art: 8.5/10, violence level: 3/10, gender: 2.5/10.

5. Broken melody

Broken melody is about MinHee who is a famous former pianist. However, she made a mistake, which ruined her life. But in the end she met Eun-hyun – the piano teacher – who had the same problem. And then many things were revealed. Broken melody belongs to the genre of romance/comedy, content: 9/10, art: 8/10, violence level: 2/10, gender: 3.5/10.

6. The lady and her butler

The Lady and Her Butler is about Sooha’s wish to have a man. When her mother just wanted to match her with a guy. But then there was a man named Taesoon because he wanted a temporary place to stay, so he wanted to help Sooha with housework. However, something happened between them. The lady and her butler belong to the romance manhwa genre, content: 9/10, art: 10/10, violence level: 2/10, gender 3/10.

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7. Vampire heart

Vampire heart is about DoKyung who is a vampire. He discovered at school there was also another vampire. Although he was quite scared at first, he later became attracted to it. Vampire heart belongs to the supernatural/romantic genre, content: 8.5/10, art: 7/10, violence level: 7/10, gender: 5/10.

8. 10 years in the friend zone

10 Years in the Friend Zone is about Shiho and Yul who have been friends for 10 years. They worked together and encouraged each other a lot. Shiho became amazing and was noticed by many female students. But will there be any progress between them in the future? 10 years in the friend zone is in the comedy/romance genre, content 8.5/10, art 7.5/10, violence level: 1/10, gender: 2.5/10.

9. My starry sky

My starry sky follows 2 boys Yeonduk and Skyler. Skyler has many family problems that only Yeonduk can understand and sympathize with. There are endless tangles that they can’t get out of. Where will this go? My starry sky belongs to the genre of drama/romance, content: 8/10, art: 9/10, violence level: 6/10, gender: 7.5/10.

10. Something about us

Something about us is about close friends Gayoung and Woojin, they are great friends with each other. However, people think they can progress further. Something about us is a romantic student love story, you should read it. Something about us belongs to the genre of comedy/romance, content: 8/10, art: 7/10, violence level: 1/10, gender: 4.5/10.

Besides those webtoon websites, honorable categories are something you should not miss:

  1. Manytoon

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