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The Benefits of Using Shade Sails

Shade sails are the perfect way to help transform the environment around you, offering you both protection and style. In recent years, more and more designers are incorporating shade sails into their home and commercial designers to create a more welcoming, sheltered environment. Shade sails can be plain and blend in with your home or business, or eye-catching to attract attention and make a statement. But what are the benefits of installing shade sails in your home or business? Let’s take a closer look:

The Benefits of Using Shade Sails

Great UV Protection

Many shade sails offer great levels of protection from the sun by blocking out its UV rays. This is ideal for areas where children or adults spend a lot of time outdoors. Shade sails allow people to get the benefits of being outside in the fresh air while limiting the dangers of the sun’s rays – vital as these can lead to issues such as skin cancer. When purchasing Shade Sails, look for fabricators that offer options with high UV protection – for example, Shade Sails Online, whose products protect up to 97% of the sun’s rays.

Temperature Control

We all know how hot the summertime can be, and with the sun beating down it isn’t just the UV rays that we have to worry about. The heat on a hot day can quickly become unbearable. Sun sails are excellent in cooling down an area, making it more comfortable being outside. This is because shade sails block out direct sunlight creating a shaded area perfect for escaping the sunburn.


Shade Sail fabric is specially designed to allow the flow of air through them, ensuring that you are still able to get fresh air. This allows a gentle breeze to make its way through the shade sails, making it a more comfortable experience all round.


Shade Sails can brighten up any room as they come in a variety of different colours to fit any style. There are also a few neutral shades on the market should you want the sail to blend in. There are a number of different shapes and sizes to fit the area you require, with each cloth manufacturer having its own specifications.

Custom Made Shade Sails To Fit Any Space

Instead of buying a pre-made, pre-sized shade sail and trying to make it fit into a space that you have, why not consider a custom made sail shade that is made to your exact specifications. At Shade Sails Online, you are able to give the exact measurements of the area you are looking to cover, obtain instant online pricing and have the Shade sail fabricated by one of their expert craftsmen. Shade Sails Online are experts in creating the perfect shade sails for every customer. Their expert staff are great at answering any questions you may have and can advise on the custom option best for you. So why not contact them today to transform your home or business in one easy step.

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