Being 50 years doesn’t mean you’re somehow less stylish than you were at 30,  you can still enjoy your casinoinquirer online casino games and your haircut still can represent that inner attitude, as well as the complexity you’ve gained along the journey. Combining your preferred haircut with a very well beard provides another dimension of charm. It does not matter if it’s grey, take a chance. Below is some stylish hairstyle for men over 50.

The Pompadour

The pompadour is a terrific hairstyle option whether you have a full head of hair or even if your hair is receding at the temples a little. This timeless classic is sophisticated while remaining a little edgy. The hair is clipped short on the sides and back and blended into large length on top for this style.

Textured Layers

This textured, layered hair is ideal for the grown-up man with a full head of hair who desires some more length. The hair is styled with a matte finish coating such as Baxter of California Clay Pomade and trimmed in short layers across the head.

The Short Caesar

This short Caesar is ideal for men whose tops are fading. Short layers of hair are trimmed with shears or a long trimmer guard and worn forward with a very gentle hair product.Have you notice that online pokies players like the short Caesar ?

The Buzzcut

A buzzcut is a great choice for men who wish a low-maintenance elegance, and it can be done quickly at home if you have the courage, expertise, and equipment. The hair is trimmed short for this style using a No. 4 guard on top and a No. 3 guard on the bottom and sides.

The Short Crop

This short crop is yet another great choice for men looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, and it’s particularly suited for those with fading hair on top. The hair is trimmed at finger length on top and curved shorter on the bottom and sides for this look. Use a gentle paste or cream for styling. This look is enhanced by a short, cropped mustache. Keep the beard neatly snipped and shave the neck on a routine basis. An uncombed beard on an elderly gentleman generally makes him appear, well, older. Keeping it shaved down demonstrates that you still value your appearance.

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