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Side Table – The Most Useful Furniture In Your Home

We all need somewhere to set our drink, book, or tablet. Side tables are practical and fashionable furniture pieces that will complete any living room. We’ll provide our expert recommendations on how to buy end and side tables for your home, whether you need one with storage for your remote controls or a traditional style just big enough to hold a vase of your favourite blooms.

Here are some pointers for selecting side table:


When it comes to shape, consider where the table will be put and what will work best in that environment. If it needs to go to a specific corner, for example, you’ll probably want something square. You have many options if this isn’t a worry.

In your space, try to mix up the side table shapes. Square or rectangular side table offer an excellent contrast to an oval coffee table. If you have a square coffee table, some demi-lune or circular side table can work well as a compliment. If you want to use the same shape for all end or side tables in a room, purchase ones made of different materials to add interest.

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It’s all about the mix once more. In a setting with wood or painted side table, a brass and marble coffee table might look fantastic. When coupled with brass side table, a lovely rosewood coffee table is magnificent. The materials can be completely different as long as the styles complement one another.


People are sometimes reluctant to mix styles, but it adds aesthetic interest to a place. When coupled with modern side table, a traditional sofa can look fantastic. Alternatively, pair a conventional side table with a mid-century or a current side chair.

Also, keep in mind that side tables with storage do not have to match. It’s completely acceptable to have separate side tables on each side of a sofa or bed as long as the styles and sizes complement each other.


If you’re placing side table on either side of a sofa, make sure their height and depth are as near as feasible to the size and depth of the sofa’s arms. The same can be said for side chairs. Not only does it appear better, but it also makes it simpler to reach items on the table while seated. It’s best to go smaller than bigger if you can’t locate something that fits perfectly.

If they’re used as bedside tables, make sure they’re roughly the same height as the mattress. If that isn’t achievable, a little lower is preferable to a little higher. When it comes to depth, 24 inches is roughly the maximum size you should consider. It can be challenging to get in and out of bed if the mattress is too deep. Also, make sure that any table you intend to use by your bedside has enough space for the items you’ll keep close to you while sleeping, such as a book, alarm clock, or table lamp.

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Storage and Usage

You’ll want to make sure the table’s functionality is suited to your requirements. Look for a side table with drawers or open shelves if you believe you’ll need more storage space for remotes, games, tablets, books, or periodicals. Visit Here: wmt24

So, how many side tables does a room require? Well, that depends on how many seats you have and how big your area is. In general, we believe that each seat should have its side table or share one with another. And a side table at each end of a sofa is always a good idea.


No rule says your side tables have to have the same style, shape, or finish. A more mismatched collected aesthetic appeals to us. It gives the piece additional depth and dimension, as well as a lot more personality. If you’ve inherited a pair of matching side tables, that’s fine, but the rest of the furniture should be a bit of a contrast. You’ll enjoy the final touch and polish that a side table gives to your room, no matter which one you choose. Visit Here:  eblogz

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