Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaning Machine for Your Home

Yes, you can use just your standard vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet, but we both know that will only remove the surface dirt. To get the deeper clean your carpet very much needs, you will need a carpet cleaner. This article will help you select the right one for your house.

Nothing beats having a soft clean carpet in the house. A simple accident like spilling a cup of tea or pet doing its business on your expensive new carpet can qualify for a significant crisis. The stench makes it impossible for you to enjoy the peacefulness of your home.

See, the thing you need is a cleaner that leaves your carpet looking as good as new. Selecting one might be a tedious activity. Below are pointers to help you choose the right carpet cleaner for your home.


There are about 4 carpet cleaning types: carpet sweeper,vacuum cleaner,steam cleaner and  carpet shampoo. The vacuum cleaner uses the suction force and revolving bristles to remove dirt from your carpet. Cheaper models manage to do light cleanups; however, it is advisable to invest in quality to serve you in the long run.

Carpet sweepersare best suited for quick cleaning. It is manually operated and very quiet. The carpet shampooer uses soft foam shampoo, hot water, and pressure to remove stains and dirt from your carpet. Lastly, the steam cleaners not only clean but also sanitize your carpet by using steam.


Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines are more tiresome to push and use. They become even heavier when you add water. Portable cleaners may come in handy when cleaning stairs since they are easier to use. However, they have less power.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty steam cleaner, consider a self-propelling one as it reduces strain.

The available features 

The right features will ease the cleaning process and makes the machine more efficient. Therefore, when selecting a carpet cleaning machine for your home, make sure you look at the extra features provided. Also, ensure you choose a piece of equipment with functional features as you do not want to waste money on useless options.

The features to look out for are the length of the cord and hose. A long one is more efficient. The tank should be large, having different sections for chemicals and water, saving you time. Most cleaners come with attachments that are useful when cleaning small areas.

 The machine’s warranty

Make sure you fully understand the provided warranty. Know the duration period when the product is viable for a replacement. Also, find out if your replacement of the compartment parts is free. You can easily access this information on the manufacturers’ websites.

Also, confirm if the cleaner is suitable for your carpet to avoid damaging it, especially if it is still new and, its warranty has not expired.


To maintain your carpet in good condition, you will require a carpet washing machine. Investing in a quality carpet cleaner will increase your effectiveness. Consider the mentioned points when selecting one for your home.

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