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One of the first independent music file streaming websites, PureVolume launched in 2003. Founded by Mitchell Pavao, Brett Woitunski and Nate Hudson, it was one of the first of its kind. It is now the leading music file uploading and streaming website. Its success has spurred other similar music file upload and streaming websites to emerge. Unlike other music file sharing services, PureVolume is completely free of charge, and is used by millions of people every day.

Its website is user-friendly and has many categories. You can browse the music catalog, watch music videos, and connect with fellow listeners and artists. The site offers a search bar and a sign-up button, making it easy to find the music you want. The site is not compatible with all browsers. Although it is supported by a large number of operating systems, it isn’t currently compatible with Google Chrome.

Although the site is now undergoing a major overhaul, the PureVolume website is still a great place to share music. It’s easy to browse and navigate, and you can browse through different categories or find music from various artists. It also offers news and music videos that you can watch, and you can connect with other artists and fans through social media. The website also provides an easy-to-use search bar so you can easily locate the music you’re looking for.

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