PMP® Vs PRINCE2® Vs CAPM®: Which One’s Right for You

The Project Management Institute defines the management of projects such as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the requirements of the project. Planning, motivation, organization and control of resources, protocols and control procedures are Involved in this field.

The Project Management Institute carries out these examinations and certifies persons at various levels of project management such as PMP®, CAPM®, PGMP®, PFMP®, PMI-ACP®, PMI, PMI-RMP®, PMI -SP®, PRINCE2 ®, and professional certification OPM3®. Project management is a fast-growing profession, and to do so in this field, it is a must see that you know everything about the 3 main certifications -PMP®, PRINCE2® and CAPM® in this profession.

Individuals who aspire to be project managers often face a common confusion regarding project management certification to take – CAPM® or PMP® or Prince2®. Although the poles are separated, all three between the highest and most preferred project management certifications. It is crucial for an applicant who seeks to obtain certification to know the differences in each certification and, consequently, plan their next step.

A general description of CAPM® vs PMP® vs Prince2® certifications

The management of certified associated projects (CAPM) ® is an input level certification. If you are starting your project management career, this course is suitable for you. You will distinguish you from your competitors. It is the most basic course in project management. Professionals occupy this course to improve their effectiveness and credibility while working on or with any project team.

The Management Professional Certification Course (PMP) ® is a qualification program that is offered and supervised by the Project Management Institute. PMP® is a certification course recognized by the industry for project managers. Become a PMP® certification that can work with any methodology and in any industry. The course covers a broad spectrum of project management techniques and competences that are necessary, as well as increase their profit potential. This course, managed by PMI® in the United States, has also gained popularity in Europe and Asia.

Projects in controlled environments (PRINCE2) ® Certification, is a method of project management based on processes that provides a detailed method of step by step to offer a successful project with templates, processes and clear steps. Certification is both the process and the focused project. PRINCE2® is administered in the United Kingdom by the Project Management Association (APM), but it is also recognized and valued around the world, with a particularly strong presence in Europe and Australia.

The main difference between the CAPM® vs PMP® vs Prince2® certification exams is the project experience. The PMP® certification requires the highest number of hours, while the CAPM® certification requires the least. Therefore, if you are a professional who wants to take the road management road, with only a few years of experience, opt for the CAPM® certification and take it from there.

Project management around the world.

The PMI® has a relatively low penetration, but in growth in the United Kingdom. Thus, CAPM® or PMP® is not very preferred there. However, PRINCE2® remains the standard certification of point of support in the United Kingdom. The industries that prefer to contract Prince2® certified professionals compared to any other. Employers may not know about PMI® credentials, especially if companies that are relatively new for project management or project management department are small. There are 1,090,000 certified Prince2® certified professionals and professionals around the world.

This is not the case in the United States. PMP® or CAPM® is more preferred than Prince2® certification. These two remain the standard and most preferred project management certifications.

As of July 2015, there are 665,651 PMP® certified professionals and 29,038 CAPM® certified professionals around the world.

Post Prince2® VS CAPM® VS PMP® Certification

Having a CAPM certification will highlight its curriculum in the sense that your employer will know how dedicated and committed to be for project management. Even if you decide not to occupy project management in the future, information on project management processes and how to manage time and effort are valuable professional skills. If you want to assume a PMP® certification later, it will still benefit, since it already has the basic knowledge of project management.

However, the disadvantage of this certification is that it is not as recognized as the other two project management certifications. Enter higher management positions in larger projects with only this certification is tougher.

However, with the most reputable PMP® certification, it stands out from the crowd due to the skills and knowledge acquired from a deeper curriculum that helps it execute projects more efficiently and improve the productivity of the equipment. PMP® certifications are generally found at higher levels of an organization; Unlike Prince2® or CAPM® certification holders.

A PRINCE2® certification in its curriculum will mark it as an ideal candidate for the roles of a project executive, project manager, high level and financial provider.

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