MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail to Enhance Your Customer Journey

Offering a customized customer experience is never more crucial due to the rapid growth of online commerce. Customers would be in the driver’s seat in the way they decide to pay out their money, and their tolerance for one size fits all interactivity decreases. According to a recent research, 66% of people complain of getting treated as an unimportant number and want to be handled like someone they are.

Consumers have issues with this, given that they share a lot of intelligence about themselves in their profiles, their usage patterns, orders, frequency of purchase, and even their preferences for products. Retailers have the information they required to tailor interactions. Still, the capacity to interact with customers in significant ways is hindered without being able to view this information in only one window, which ultimately impacts the bottom line of your business.

A single view of the customer is often called “customer 360″,” which lets retailers organize information from different platforms like ERP OMS, CRM, CRM marketing, commerce, and other systems while also reducing duplicate data and getting synced. Integrating user profiles and the history of sales orders is at the heart of providing a customized customer experience. An API-driven approach permits retailers to manage the data across various applications.

Start your journey with customer 360 integration 

MuleSoft Accelerator Retail includes specific templates to enable customer profiles and sync of sales orders scenarios. The templates present information from CRM, ERP, OMS, MDM, commerce, and marketing systems. MuleSoft Accelerator Retail lets you associate profiles and create the user ID to permit actions such as unsubscribing from all channels essential to comply with GDPR and calculation of the lifespan worth of a user over many channels.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail enables retailers to quickly provide user profile and sales order information into APIs to be used and analyzed by different teams within the company. The software includes:

  • Pre-built APIs.
  • Connectors and implementation templates.
  • Clear guidelines on how you can access important information.

MuleSoft Accelerator Retail allows you to manage data flow between different systems like CRM, ERP, OMS marketing, and commerce to make use of cases easier like user profile and sales order sync. The software tools can help retail IT teams get up and running faster without beginning from the ground up. In case your user information is stored on your premises or in the cloud or hybrid, MuleSoft lets you access and organize the necessary fields to build the 360-degree profile of your customer.

What use cases majorly this solution solve?

We were hoping you could receive the most outstanding value with MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail. To achieve that, we make sure it’s simple to implement, it can be adapted and customized, and, most importantly, minimizes the time to implement. In this regard, we concentrated on finding solutions to the most commonly used scenarios:

Create unifying user profiles speedily: Utilize information from ERP, CRM, marketing, OMS and commerce systems to build a unifying MDM profile with no duplicates.

Connect the sales orders effortlessly: Make and edit sales orders flawless. Utilize sales orders that are connected to calculate the lifetime value of customers to make better business decision-making.

Create a graph of customer IDs quicker

Creating an ID for a user graph lets you connect the relationship between the child/parent and customer information. Retail MuleSoft Accelerator offers the Lightning Web Component (LWC) which acts as a front-end to display data from APIs provided by Mule. The LWC shows a graph of networks connecting a record from Salesforce (as an element in the root) to N-numbers of systems (as edges or children nodes). This LWC can be written in a generic way to allow any child/parent relationship as a graph of networks.

Are you ready to find out some more?

MuleSoft Accelerator Retail assets are available to explore in MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange and are included in the MuleSoft subscription. Look over for more information about the way the accelerator works or join MuleSoft online training today. Also, check our MuleSoft tutorial for beginners for more information on how you can provide customize user experiences using API-driven integration.

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