Living in Bellevue: Everything You Need to Know

Living in Bellevue offers residents a slew of amazing benefits. Bellevue is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country, with many of the area’s residents being extremely satisfied with the location.

Due to this, it’s no surprise that Bellevue homes for sale are in high demand among home buyers. You could also find roommates in Bellevue and the Seattle area if you are looking to rent or share a place. So if you’re looking to move to this amazing area, what are some things you should be aware of? What are the area’s positives?

Here’s everything you need to know about living in Bellevue.


One of the biggest positives about Bellevue is the city’s great climate. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Bellevue has an extremely mild climate, meaning it is neither hot nor cold. Most of the time Bellevue has a perfectly mild temperature that doesn’t lean too extremely in either direction. Temperatures in the summer rarely reach above 80, and winter temperatures will rarely dip below freezing.

For people who don’t like extreme heat or extreme cold, this can be a huge advantage. The only knock on the Bellevue climate is that it is perceived as a rainy area, but the region actually only receives a slightly above average amount of rainfall. If you want a happy medium when it comes to climate, Bellevue is one of the best places to live in.

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The economy in the Bellevue area is thriving, meaning it is easier for professionals looking for work. Bellevue is extremely close to Seattle, meaning that many of the same opportunities available there are also available in Bellevue. Many top tech companies like T-Mobile, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve have a significant presence in the area, employing many people.

Many top companies from other industries also call the region home, meaning no matter what industry you work in you’ll likely find something. In today’s business climate, living in an area that has many potential opportunities and a strong economy is a major benefit. If You Need More Information Visit f95zone


A huge positive of living in Bellevue is the city’s amazing amenities. Bellevue has world-class shopping centers and malls, meaning those who love retail therapy will be right at home. Additionally, Bellevue has a handful of amazing restaurants, meaning that foodies will love the area as well.

Finally, Bellevue has an enormous park system that residents can hike through, giving them access to the great outdoors. If you’re an outdoorsy person or just need to escape from the busyness of urban life, these trails can be extremely helpful. If you want to live in an area with lots of great amenities to take advantage of, then you should definitely check out Bellevue. 


Being located extremely close to Seattle, Bellevue has plenty of entertainment options for residents to choose from. Sports fans can attend Seahawks and Mariners games, and will even be able to attend local NHL games in the very near future. Outside of that, the Seattle-Bellevue nightlife is pretty vibrant. For more information visit this site: F95zone

The area is full of young professionals with lots of disposable income, leading to some pretty exciting venues in the city. While the area may not provide as much entertainment as cities like New York or L.A, there’s still so much to do in and around Bellevue.

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