Last 10 minutes ACCA study tips

You want to prepare for your association of charted certified accountant (ACCA) at the time before the test. If you are doing this right now by keeping your small milestones then it will help you a lot. Otherwise, if you do not prepare for your test  before maybe these tips are helpful for you or not all depend on your luck. 

You, as a student, need to prepare yourself for an important test the morning of the test, just as a professional footballer does for an important game. You do not have a coach, however, unlike a footballer. It can be difficult to know what you need to do to prepare for the test day. 

So, here we are going to compose some tips and strategies for you that can help you pass your ACCA exam without feeling any pressure and these are the techniques taught during the training courses. These are composed on the basis of averages, but the detail may vary from person to person. 

Warm-up your brain 

As you prepare in the morning, try reading something brief and small while you are on your way. Stretching before exercise has the same effect as reading lightly before an exam. Your brain has to be warmed up for its best performance as well since you are about to exercise it. Get your mind working the morning of an exam with these tips.

Avoid reviewing concepts and theories before an ACCA exam. It is important to get your mind ready, but you don’t want to freak yourself out before the test. Cramming both the night before and the day before a test can have damaging effects on the knowledge you’ve already stored. 

Take Power increment food 

You should bring a water bottle that you can refill. Keeping your body healthy and happy begins with drinking enough water. Things like apples, oranges, grapes, and granola bars can be brought. Choose snacks that are easy, quick, and portable.

Boost your energy with foods with natural, unprocessed carbohydrates and sugars. During testing periods, you can consume these to stay awake, alert, and focused. You are physically performing an action by chewing gum just before doing your math homework, as opposed to simply sitting there and reading. To be most effective, the gum and mints should be peppermint-flavored or spearmint-flavored. 

Remain focused, calm, off extra acessories 

You will have some time to spare before the test begins when you enter your ACCA testing center and the exam room. You can prepare to pass your exams by following these tips instead of getting stressed before the test. Spend 10 minutes before the exam settling into your seat and getting comfortable. Arrange your pencils and hang your jacket on your chair. If you enjoy looking out the window, select a seat near the window, or sit upfront if you’re easily distracted.

Take a look around a little and make sure you know where the bathrooms and water fountains are. Make sure that any other smart devices you have, such as an Apple watch, are turned off or silent. Tests may be inaccurate if beeping or alarms occur. You should follow any instructions your administrator or proctor gives you regarding the use of devices. 

Revise the syllabus bullet 

For the ACCA exam, you have the bullets of all syllabus in your paper. Going towards the test center Make an eye look at the syllabus and try to read all the points. If you have prepared for the test you will come to know which questions are most frequently asked in the exams.

During the lookover, if you feel that you have forgotten something skip it if you can because it will waste your time. So, looking over the syllabus in the last 10 minutes of the ACCA exam will help you to conquer. 

Practice on test software before the exam 

Before starting the ACCA exam you should try the test software a few minutes ago. Taking software in your use will produce confidence in you. You can talk to the invigilator if there are any problems regarding the test. And it will be easy to handle the original test if you have practiced on the mock test. 

Make a strategy to attempt questions 

Attempt those questions first of which you are confident as it will boost your confidence and help you save time. Consider your answer carefully before jumping into the answer, take a few seconds to consider your answer beforehand. 

Ignore other participants 

Other test-takers may be contagious, so you should avoid eye contact with them. It isn’t important what others write on their answer sheets. Taking your time and not getting worried about speed is the best approach if you notice other students writing very quickly and finishing the test before the time.

Last but not least 

Hope this will helpful that how you can prepare before the ACCA test. These strategies will absolutely helpful for you if you prepare early preparation of ACCA test in the appropriate way. 


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