Is Google Glass Allowed at Casinos?

Casinos in states like Las Vegas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Ohio banned Google Glass because they believe the gadget could help players to cheat at card games. They thought it could be used in a collusive way, such as broadcasting a player’s hand to a confederate.

What is Google Glass?

In 2014, Google released a public retail version of Google Glass smart glasses that offered a hands-free way to view content and perform tasks. Perhaps the gadget was a little ahead of time because it just didn’t take off.

In 2019, Google released an updated version and advertised the gadget as a way to increase productivity in the workplace. Wearers can do a web search, take photos, record videos, get directions, and more. The spectacles also come with AR and VR capabilities.

Advanced augmented reality eyewear is a concept that the general public has not embraced yet. The first prototypes were clunky, and consumers had concerns about data privacy. The tiny eyeglass device is not only capable of internet browsing, take photos or recording videos, but of using apps too. Wearers can download apps offered by online casinos and play any game genre for real money game instantly.

Why did casinos ban Google Glass?

Casinos banned Google Glass because taking photos or videos is strictly prohibited in most casinos. It is just too easy to do both by moving the head or winking an eye while wearing the gadget.

It would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that patrons were cheating while wearing Google Glass, so gambling officials felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Even if patrons weren’t cheating by wearing the gadget, they saw its presence at gaming tables as a negative. It could give the impression that something untoward was happening and put a damper on the confidence of the public in the integrity of a casino.

A whole new range of smart glasses 

Casinos may have banned Google Glass, but a whole new range of smart glasses in 2022 is a distinct possibility. There are plug-in glasses that work with phones, half lens half camera array designs, a smart monocle that rests over one eye, and those that project 3D effects and layer them onto real-world outdoor environments.

There is still work to be done and certain problems that need addressing before there is anything like wide-scale adoption because they are far from ordinary prescription eyeglasses. The online businesses of today need online promotion and branding to be successful and consumers will need convincing that smart glasses are the way to go. However, it’s inevitable that the day will come and casinos will need to decide what to do about them.

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