Inkjet and website Banner signs

Inkjet Printer is an inkjet printer that can print letters of many different formats and sizes. There are many types of inkjet printing jobs for advertising signs ทำป้าย . But we would like to focus on only the types that are frequently used as follows.

Inkjet Printer is an inkjet printer capable of printing letters of many different formats and sizes, as well as printing graphics with sharp results. The technology that inkjet printers use to print is by spraying tiny droplets of ink. To the paper, the ink droplets are very small, each dot is positioned when assembled to form the desired letter or image.

Inkjet printers have a print speed that is measured in Pages Per Minute-PPM (Page Per Minute). However, if printing graphics or patterned characters at the same time, inkjet printers will run slower. The approximate print speed is 0.5 to 12 pages per minute. The print resolution is approximately 180-1440 dots per inch-dpi (dot per inch). The paper used in the inkjet printer is 8.5×11 or A4, which is printable. Both the portrait is called “Portrait” and the landscape is called “Landscape”.

Inkjet printing is suitable for ordering printing. small big unlimited Can be used both inside and outside of the building, commonly used in signage, promotion, shop decoration. The exhibition of the grand opening of Billbor products along the expressway is divided into

  1. Indoor Printing

2.Outdoor Printing

Indoor Printing

Prints used for indoor use should not be exposed to sunlight or wind. This type of print is ultra-high resolution and sharpness prints. Because it is a print job at a near field of vision. In addition, this type of print job requires a material that has been coated with a solution on the surface for good ink adhesion. After printing, the protective film on the front of the print must be coated to prevent scratches and increase its service life. It is divided into matte and glossy.

The materials used for internal inkjet printing are available in a variety of options. Depending on the task to be used,

1.PP Paper

  1. PP Photo Paper
  2. PVC Sticker
  3. Sticker

Outdoor printing

Printing for outdoor works This type of print has less resolution and sharpness than Inkjet Indoor because it prints with a far field of view but has the advantage. It is durable to various outdoor environments. They last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the material used and the quality of the ink. Inkjet printers nowadays Many outdoor brands have started to develop a print head resolution (DPI) similar to that of indoor inkjet printers, so they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The materials to be used for external inkjet printing are available in a variety of options depending on the job to be used.


  1. Canvas fabric
  2. Fabric
  3. Sticker
  4. Backlit Film
  5. Backlit Sticker

Website Banner

is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web. It places an ad image onto a web page and hyperlinks it back to the advertised website.

For the purpose of attracting visitors to the websites advertised through clicks. Web banners are created from common image files such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, or use JavaScript to link other multimedia technologies such as Flash, Shockwave, Java, or Silverlight, for example, and may combine animation, audio, or video to present them. most prominent

Usually, banner images have a high aspect ratio. (This will make the banner wide but flat. or tall but narrow) in the same way as an advertising billboard (also called banners) where these images are placed on a web page with interesting content. such as newspaper articles or critical writings.

Benefits of Banner Advertising

  1. Create interest to attract website visitors. Click on the banner ad position to view the advertiser’s website. We will see this form of advertising with affiliate programs and some pay per click, for example Google AdSense.
  2. Banner advertising position logo can also help us to build a brand for the product or company in another way. When a visitor sees a banner ad location logo, it appears in different places. It can make viewers know more about what we want to offer.
  3. Logo design, banner ad position for use to promote the website, which is to build credibility for our website. because it shows others that we pay attention to details Which, even if it’s just a small point, which results in the users of our website would have confidence in using the product and services of advertisers

nice banner There should be an important feature, namely, the style and color should blend in with the website. Don’t use too many distinctive styles. or too little until it conflicts with the image of the main website In addition, the content displayed on the banner should not be excessive. Because website viewers don’t pay much attention to the details of the content that appears on the banner. But should focus on the big picture that can attract the audience to turn to look at the website. The animated banners must not be annoying to the main website.

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