Important Items You Need Before You Can Start Boxing

Boxing as a sport dates back to 688 B.C. Essentially, boxing has not changed how it is carried out, except for the items used during boxing. Since its invention, a lot of people have become interested in boxing over the years. However, most of these people lack the necessary information about boxing that every boxing aspirant should have.

That is why Probellum platform focuses on the athlete or the potential boxer by empowering, promoting, and offering boxing information. The company has placed its priority on all the potential boxers who have the zeal to box but fail to since they lack the required information and resources. Below are essentials for anyone who would desire to begin boxing.

Essentials for Boxing

Before, boxers would fight bare-fisted. However, with the evolving times, more care has been put into ensuring the safety of boxers is upheld. For instance, fighters are required to use gloves and head guards before entering their rings. This ensures that the boxing inside the ring may get as raw as the boxers do not sustain bad injuries or traumas. Hence, in your bag, you will require the following items.

Space for Training

This could be your own created space, the gym, or a boxing school you joined, among many other possible places. You are going to require an area that can accommodate everything you need for your boxing experience.

If you are boxing in a space where you have created yourself, ensure use ground that is not slippery as this is essential when learning the basic and primary footwork necessary in boxing. If your space is slippery, you can purchase mats explicitly made for boxing and hence fit the requirements of boxing grounds. In short, get an area that will not limit your growth.

Carrier Bag

This goes without saying. You will need somewhere to put all the things you will need for your training and boxing. Remember that you do not want to get a soft bag that will wear out in a few days. Additionally, the bag you choose should be big enough to accommodate all the items you will require and clothes that you will change into after your sessions.

Fighting Gloves and Hand Grips

These are other important items that you cannot afford to miss if you want to box. Hand grips will offer protection to your wrists and knuckles as they give the first layer of padding to your knuckles and wrists before you incorporate the gloves. When it comes to hand gloves, keep in mind that you will need gloves that can keep your hands cool and at the same time safe.

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There are different types of hand grips that you could use. Only a few have been mentioned below.

Tape and gauze– these are the lightest grips you will find that have the most shield. Besides, these grips come in several different sizes.

Traditional grips– these are the most affordable grips you will find. They have the added advantage of being able to reuse. In addition to that, you can tie yourself traditional clasps hence saving you the hustle of finding someone to tie them for you.

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Elasticated grips– these grips do not need a specific size per person as they are elastic and hence stretch to fit the user’s hands. Additionally, they do not loosen during use and are breathable; hence most comfortable for your hands.

There are also different gloves you can choose from, but only a few have been discussed here.

Non-melded thumb gloves– these gloves are easily portable due to their small size and less weight.

Training melded thumb gloves– these are generally advisable to acquire. This is because they come in several makes, are affordable, and offer complete protection as they have a thumb section.

Fighting gloves– these gloves are more extensive when compared to the ones mentioned above. They, however, are top quality and hence offer the best protection for your hands. As a result, they may be pretty pricy.

Head Sentinel

As you begin boxing, you will most likely not need to use a head guard for your fighting sessions. As you get better and more profound into boxing, you are going to need to incorporate the use of a head guard. This does not mean that you will need to use a head sentinel all the time, but it is highly advisable that you carry one around in your carrier bag all the time as you attend your training or boxing sessions. Head sentinels are vital because they protect your head and cheekbones and prevent onsets of trauma to the brain due to major blows on your head.

Mouth Protector

As you indulge yourself more in boxing, you will need something that will offer protection to your mouth. A mouth guard primarily protects your teeth from being knocked off, as boxing can sometimes get a little bit brutal. In addition to protecting your teeth, a mouth guard ensures that the soft tissue in your mouth is safe and hence saves you from acquiring a concussion.


Taking into consideration that boxing is an active sport makes it essential for you to have a towel in your carrier bag at all times. Boxing will make you sweaty, and this is when you will appreciate having a towel at your disposal. Besides, after your training or boxing session is completed, you will need to take a shower before getting a change of clothes. A towel becomes handy in this case.

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Final Thoughts

A lot of things are important for you to acquire before you can start boxing. This is mainly for the sake of protecting your body and ensuring that your run in boxing is a smooth one. The items mentioned above are not everything you need, but they are the most important things you need to know about. Boxing is a rough sport, and due to this, you have to ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure you do not become, or you reduce the chances of becoming a victim of its roughness.

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