Importance and uses of mind maps

Mind maps are not a crazy approach for eccentric people, scientists have already shown that our brains work in this way and it is possible to think that in the future perhaps not too distant our children will be taught to use this method, considering it as a tool of common use, just as their parents were educated by training them in traditional note-taking and note-taking techniques.

So save time and create a mind map online as part of your daily routine now. It is a fun and extremely practical way to record and relate information, to plan and create. Stand out from the crowd by using mind maps to your advantage.

Mind maps are used to:

Meetings and seminars

Capturing the essence of information and commenting on it in the context of meetings and seminars is crucial to getting the most out of it. Writing stacks of pages of notes is not only boring and draws attention away from what’s on offer at these events, but hastily written scribbles are a counter-incentive to review them … and most people never use that again!

Wouldn’t it be much more attractive to do a mind map while you are listening, highlighting the key issues and action points so that you can go over them very quickly and then decide what action you want to take?

Project planning

Refuse the linear approach and use mind maps to make a change. Maps allow your thoughts and ideas to flow without restriction; They also highlight the interrelationships between tasks, ideas, people, etc. Which can later be reflected in a formalized planning once you have examined all the perspectives.

Presentations and conferences

Choosing and substantiating a topic and its supporting material is often the most difficult part of any presentation or conference. In this sense, try to make a mental map to first carry out a brainstorming that helps you specify what you want to convey, your messages and key facts, then relate all this to the needs of the audience to which you are going to direct. Almost in the blink of an eye, you will find that you have a solid foundation from which to build a juicy dissertation.

Creativity and problem solving

When you’ve used mind maps to “scribble” your way to great ideas and solutions, you will never again apply a linear approach!

Group brainstorming sessions

Given that mental maps are quick to generate and also visual, they constitute the ideal instrument to reflect on a flip chart the pertinent notes that collect the suggestions, ideas, etc. generated by the group participating in the creative session. And it is possible to put everyone’s ideas on the same sheet, so that everyone feels included and participates.

You do not have to make evaluations of the merit of the ideas until the end. The craziest idea may contain the seed of another that is formidable!

Are you now ready to implement the strategy?

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