How to choose the best equipment for your home gym:

The slew of lockdowns last year along with restricted outdoor physical activity encouraged Australians to turn to home gyms. While 2020 saw most people stocking up on smaller tools, in 2021, larger Gym Equipment like the treadmill, elliptical machine, and exercise bike was in higher demand. Steve Pettit, the CEO of the Australian Institute of Fitness opines that the future of fitness is in people’s own homes. If that’s the case, you must know how to equip your home gym so you can get the best workout from it.

Factors to consider while equipping your home gym:

Your workout needs:

  • Workout to stay fit:People who are regular runners or bikers seek exercise to maintain their ideal weight. They exercise to promote cardiovascular and pulmonary health – i.e., they perform “cardio” exercises. For the best cardio workouts, look for equipment that mimics cycling, running, rowing, skiing, or climbing stairs.
  • Workout to build strength:People who want to build lean muscle mass (think bodybuilders or people with weakened muscles) benefit from strength training. It relies on a combination of forces such as gravity, resistance, and tension to discipline your muscles into becoming stronger. The benefit of this exercise is that you can target certain muscle groups; for instance, kettlebells can help you target your shoulder, biceps, and triceps; ankle weights can help you train your thighs and glutes. Consider investing in a leg press frame or a bench if you intend to delve into serious strength building.
  • Full body workout:A full-body workout session targets all the major muscle groups, viz., your back, legs and arms, chest and shoulders, and your core. These workouts are highly efficient and do not expect you to waste time performing repetitive isolation exercises. Rowing machines, multi-gyms, and functional trainers are your best bet.

Space constraint:

  • Floor space: If you are setting up your gym in a spare room at home, you will be short on space. Consider the above factors before zeroing in on what workout you would benefit the most from. It should help you narrow down the equipment you need.

Weights, blocks, mats, and resistance bands occupy little space but give you the freedom to work on a range of exercises. Do not eschew them. Bigger machines will need you to carefully plan your gym space – make sure you have enough room to stretch and that the layout does not cause any risk of injury. Look for machines that can be folded away when they are not in use.

  • Apartment or not: If you live in an apartment, make sure that you do not disturb your downstairs neighbour during your workout sessions. It is a good idea to coat your floor with rubber or foam tiles. They prevent you from slipping and protect your floor from being damaged by heavy machines.

Budget constraint:

  • Gym Equipmentcan be expensive and keeping that in mind, some of the leading suppliers of exercise machines are offering great opportunities to make them more affordable. Be sure to ask if your supplier has a trial period. You can try out the equipment for a week or two and return it if you find it unsuitable for your needs. Additionally, some stores give you convenient low (or no) interest EMI options.

In conclusion

Owning a gym at home can save you a lot of money on membership fees. Further, you can reduce travel time and spend it either exercising or recovering. However, the best advantage it offers is that you are allowed to be greedy on the machine. You don’t have to wait for your turn anymore! If that convinces you, head over to your fitness store and talk to an expert today!


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