No matter what is the reason behind your moving whether you are a recent college graduate or a professional taking on a new job. With lots of job opportunities, the place has always been a great for people to move. The city has the largest foreign born population of any city and many languages has been spoken here. The diverse culture of the place is loved by all the people. If you are considering relocating then know the different living costs before embarking on moving mission. Though living in the big apple is the dream of many people but after covid-19, statistics are changing and people are even preferring to move out from the city.

Transition and shipment cost

Relocation cost when shifting to NYC depends on the fact whether you are planning to hire an experienced relocation company or not. Before you start looking for NYC movers at Moving Apt, consider your budget. Whenever evaluating the relocation price, some factors are to be considered such as the number of belongings you want to carry, distance to be travelled, required packing supplies, the location where you desire to live, timings of your transition, and so on. In case you are considering to shift on your own, the required number of moving trucks are to be rented, fuel charges are to be paid, containers, and packing supplies are to be arranged, and many other activities are to be undertaken. When hiring the moving company, all the services will be provided and carried by the company. You just need to pay the price as demanded by the movers.


It is the basic utility these days. The price of it in the United States is higher. On an average, one has to spend around 25 dollars for internet services.

Living and housing charges

The neighborhood chosen by you as accommodation in NYC will also affect your relocation cost. There is only a single term and that is expensive when talking about the place. The average home value in some cities is around $3,70,000 and in the other ones is around $8,50,000. Based on the location and facilities  you require, rent falls between $1,000 – $5,000 every month. Almost every person in NYC prefers to rent an apartment for his or her entire life rather than owning a house. If you are willing to share apartment with other people then it will significantly reduce the charges.

Transportation cost

Subway is the most used mode of transportation for people to live here as the place has lots of stations making it easier for residents to commute around. Different ticket costs are charged by different individuals. One can save their money on the transportation cost by getting a Metrocard after shifting to New York. You can also opt for cycling or walking if the distance from your house to your office is short. Carpooling is one of the options to save your transportation fare.

Taxes payable 

Add the amount required to be paid as taxes in your relocation cost. After shifting to New York, it doesn’t matter where is the place you opt to live, state and federal taxes are incurred. Also, the sales tax charged here is 4% and it can be higher up to 8% and is added to almost every product and service. Property tax varies from area to area in the city.


Of course, it is not possible to survive without grocery shopping. But the price of groceries depends on several factors like location, type of market, and what kind of products you want to purchase like organic or non-organic. Generally, 21 meals are required by a single person which helps you to estimate the cost of grocery shopping. On average, for several items like for a dozen eggs, you need to pay around $4.10, for cereal; the cost is around $4.08, the cost of beef is around $7.79, tomato is$2.81. chicken is $6.14. As per estimation, a person requires almost $180 to spend on groceries per month in NYC. Though it can be higher or lower depending from person to person and diet of an individual. So, you have to prepare yourself according to that.

Note: It has been estimated that a single person requires an average amount of $1,366 monthly to live here without housing rent. Now this could be higher and lower depending on lifestyle of one.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Preparing yourself well in finances is important before relocating. If possible then try to get a suitable job there digitally or start looking for the jobs. Also, you are expected to spend higher in the first month like for security deposit of apartment, so, be sure you are a little flexible in your budget. Also, you will always end up spending more on moving than the estimated one but in the end, this move will bring lots of new opportunities to your life.

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