How can you take part in the KBC lucky lottery? 

KBC is the most famous Indian reality show that encourages people to change their luck by winning prize money.  Among all the years, KBC has announced and made many people’s luck by giving them a lucky lottery. Many Indians dream of having, in reality, to show and sit in front of Amitabh Bachchan.  Do you want to know how you can join the KBC reality show? Then you should contact the “KBC head office number “now! Check the link to find numbers. Now it is time to know what is the process of taking part in the KBC.

KBC official website:

KBC Official website” is the primary source of all news related to the “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” Any new announcement can replace which is crucial for the lottery winners to know. In that case, if you Don’t keep the newest news, then you may lose your money from the lottery.  KBC authority always tries to give every detail and update to the main website. So if you want to join the KBC lucky lottery or participate in the show, you must check the main official website of KBC.

Register sim card:

KBC makes all those people lottery winners who have a phone with a registered Indian sim card. It is a sensitive issue for choosing winners. There is a lot of criteria too for being a lucky KBC lottery winner. KBC only considers this man winner whose phone number is this. So when you buy a sim card, you should Register it by your name and national identity card. If you have a sim card of another person, still the money will go to that person.  The work will be the same if you give your sim number to other people. If you want to win a KBC lottery, you should be careful about buying a sim card.        

Keep balance :

People have the habit of keeping balance in the sim card when necessary.  Otherwise, they keep their phone number balance low or even zero. KBC authority doesn’t check all those sim cards and considers them eligible for winning the lottery.  And in this way, many lucky winners lose their money. So it is a central fact to notice if you are eagerly waiting for a chance to be a lottery winner. Always try to keep a fair amount of balance on your phone. It will help you in an emergency and be a lucky KBC winner.  

Participate in the show:      

KBC is mainly familiar with reality shows which come on TV with a season every year. People go there as a participant.  They have to give the correct answer to win a certain amount of money. The show is very mesmerizing to enjoy. But you also can be the participant instead of an average audience who only wants to watch the show. Every question held a certain amount of money. You can be the next KBC star if you have excellent knowledge of recent news and general instinct in Indian elements. You also can take part in the KBC lottery draw with your phone number. 


KBC has different lottery show for giving prize money to the KBC winner. You can join Through the KBC reality show. Or, if you have an Indian sim card with an activated phone, you are also welcome. Sim users of jio company have an extra benefit. KBC only held another program to make a lottery to the jio sim users. That sim-related lottery happens twice a month. So you can keep your eyes on the KBC website in the first and middle period of a month.  You also can form fill up for the show or check if you have woned the lottery or not.

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