Here is How to Build the Ultimate Nail Kit

When you think about it, our nails go through a lot during the day: we wash our hands, sanitize them, wash dishes, and perform numerous other tasks. All these activities take their toll on the nails, but you can make them look great with a few simple tools. And not, it will not be expensive at all. Wondering how to build the ultimate nail kit? Here is how.

The tools you need in your nail kit

You do not have to buy a ready-made kit to enjoy healthy nails. With the following tools, your nail kit will be complete:

Nail clippers

The key to healthy nails is a healthy length; when nails are too long, they snag, crack and break. Using a nail clipper to clip your nails will keep them at a healthy length, so this is a must-have in your nail kit.

Nail filer

Another must-have tool in every nail kit; aside from clipping and trimming your nails, you should also file their edges. This will smooth out the tips, and prevent breaking. Keep in mind to purchase a medium to high grit filer. Low grit filers are very coarse, and they are not suitable for home use. These filers are used to remove glue and other materials by pro nail technicians. So, use a high-grit filer: 120 grit, 150 grit, or 180 grit.

Nail buffer

A nail filer is for the tips, and a nail buffer is for the top layer of the nails. A quality buffer removes stains and smooths out the top layer of the nails, so it can make them healthy and strong looking.

Cuticle conditioner

A nail kit is not complete without a nail and cuticle cream. A good cuticle cream will nourish your nails and cuticles, and make them healthier than ever. Avoid using a cream that contains chemicals, as it can have the opposite effect of what you want. If you want a healthy cuticle conditioner, TrySprig is for you. The dermatologically approved, certified organic, all-natural cream is infused with minerals, oils, and vitamins that heal cuticles and nails from the inside out. The TrySprig also contains a filer and a buffer, so you get a 3 in 1 product to put in your kit.

Nail brush

After filing and buffing your nails, use a nail brush to brush off the debris and smooth the nails. It is easy to use, and every kit for your nails should have a little brush close by at all times. 

Bottom line

A good nail kit should not be costly. You can make your own kit with a few simple tools and products. Just make sure that you are the only one who uses the kit to avoid transferring bacteria and fungi. It will keep your nails healthy, strong, and better looking than ever.

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