For the Pets Lover, The benefits of the human-animal connection

Pets can help improve the physical and mental health of humans

If you’re a pet owner, it’s probably not a stretch that you are in love with your pets and may even consider them your family members, but what is the actual connection between humans and animals?

It is described as a positive and dynamic connection between humans and animals that is influenced and shaped by the behaviors which are vital for the health and well-being of both.

There are numerous advantages for animals and humans who have a special bond Here are some.

Physical health: Having a pet can lead to more exercise in the form of daily walks or playtime, or any different outdoor pursuits. The increased physical activity could result in a decrease in levels of blood pressure and heart rate and cholesterol levels, as well as lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, stress, and assist in preventing heart disease.

Mental health: The unconditional love of a pet can bring peace and ease of mind and help alleviate feelings of loneliness, depression or anxiety, as well as PTSD. Pets can give a sense of belonging and an increased sense of confidence to those who may be struggling.

A study in 2006 found that pet owners were more jolly often than those who don’t. Another study showed that just petting an animal reduces anxiety. It is also true that interactions with pets trigger the feel-good hormone oxytocin within our bodies. It’s always great to have a furry partner beside you while playing some blackjack hands.

Opportunities to socialize: Having pets in our lives can encourage us to go more active which could lead to greater social interaction. Pets are, after all, fantastic conversation starters. These outings for social interaction are particularly beneficial for older adults who are more lonely than others.

Greater independence: Not only do emotional support and service animals aid their owners in navigating daily tasks, and even illnesses, but they also offer peace and security to those experiencing trauma from their past.

Child development and health: The bond between animals and humans for children is linked to an increase in the ability to take perspective and intellectual development, in addition to increased social networks and interactions. Studies have proven that pets can increase self-esteem, feed the child’s desire to feel valued, and provide them with an identity.

When children establish a connection with their pet it reduces the loneliness of their lives and improves their ability to express their emotions. A pet is often used as a child’s confidant offering a safe place to share feelings and experiences.

In addition, exposure to animals and cats within the first few years of life may assist in strengthening the child’s immune system to fight asthma and allergies.

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