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Find a Daybed for Relaxation

If you have a guestroom that needs a bed or a home office that needs a cozy place for you to rest, why not get a daybed? They are just as comfortable as sofas but take up way less space. The open-ended design allows you to place the bed in any direction, which makes finding a spot for it simple.

The practicality of these beds has kept them around for centuries. You’ll want to choose the right one for the room it’s going in, so let’s go over the different styles to help you make the best choice for your home.

The canopy frame works well in a child’s or teen’s room. This type of daybed has a metal frame with four posts with fabric hanging over the sleeping area. Many of them have roped wire detailing, and the draping fabric gives them a romantic feel. Small children love turning them into forts where they have hours of fun. You won’t have to talk them into going to bed often.

Chaise daybeds look great in home offices. They look a lot like sofas, so your clients will have a comfortable place to sit when conducting business. When you’re feeling tired, you’ll have a spot to stretch out and take a power nap. Do you have some papers to look over? Why sit at your desk when you can lounge on the chaise daybed and read while you relax. It is a tool you can use to help keep your stress levels down while working.

Sleigh daybeds are great for guestrooms. They have a traditional feel, and the curves add elegance to the design. The beds are sturdy pieces of furniture that allow guests to sleep soundly at night and provide a seating area for them during the day. These also look great under a window in the main bedroom.

A trundle is a cool feature you can get with just about any daybed. This is a separate mattress that is hidden underneath the bed frame. Roll it out, and you have another sleeping area. Get one for your child’s room, and their friends will have their own bed when they come by for sleepovers. Guestrooms can also benefit from this feature.

If you opt for the trundle, remember to remove the bedding from the mattress before sliding it back under the bed frame. That will prevent the bedding from getting stuck and caught or torn by the springs or other parts as you try to pull it out. And be sure to check the weight specifications to avoid damage to the trundle.

Place a daybed in the living room or den for additional seating. If you want it to blend with the current décor, a wood bed frame would be your best choice. They often look more like sofas than the beds with metal frames.

Now that you know the different kinds of daybeds out there start shopping and bring one home that’s perfect for your space.

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