When treating any illness holistically, you need to employ more than just one or two therapies in order to treat the whole person. It goes without saying that herbs will form a major part of any suggestions, and that their incredible range of plant constituents will be instrumental in honing, healing, and revitalizing. Good food and drink are vital requirements because these are the daily input on which the body thrives. Regular internal whole-body cleansing is also important, especially as we get older. Just as a car needs regular servicing, so do us.

Seasonal food cleanses can be an excellent way to achieve this. If you are sick, you must take appropriate steps according to the severity of the problem storysavernet. It is important to ensure that all your organs and systems are working freely and effectively, so one by one they will need special support, nourishing, aligning, and cleansing. Massage provides a loving touch and encourages blood and lymph fl ow, all of which will help organs to pump, squeeze, and relax more efficiently.

Acupuncture can tune, direct, stimulate, or placate organs and systems — an acupuncture pulse-taking gives a good idea of exactly what needs attention. Iridology can also provide a health assessment, giving clues to one’s constitution, strengths, and weaknesses. If any part of your spinal column is damaged (it may be eroded, a disk may be trapped, the hips may be out of alignment), any resulting misalignment can affect other systems, from bowel function to menstruation, liver function, or digestion ninitepro.


If the body does not have high-quality blood containing enough iron, oxygen, and other nutrients, the body cannot sustain itself. Iron deficiency very often does not show up on tests for anemia, as it is possible to have normal hemoglobin levels and still be deficient in iron.

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