Chicken Tractor and it’s Features

You can say chicken tractors are chicken coops on wheels. When the chickens are outside, you need to move them (occasionally) to different places so they don’t destroy the grass/lawn. The wheels on the tractor help you move the coop quickly from place to place.

So, when chicken tractors are for sale in Australia, how will you choose the right one? And what is the tractor made of? The article discusses how this coop is constructed and helps you understand its features and how it works.

The livestock business is a massive contributor to the country’s economy. Also, the red meat and livestock industries in Australia contribute significantly to the Australian economy.

The red meat and cattle business contributed $17.6 billion to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018-19, accounting for 1.4 per cent of the country’s main industrial GDP, increasing 1% year on year and 89 per cent since 2013–14. Exports of red meat and animals totalled $16.3 billion, up 16 per cent year over year and 43 per cent more than in 2013–14.

Around 434,000 people were employed (directly and indirectly) by the Australian red meat and livestock business.

How to find the right coop?

First, it depends on the number of chickens you own. You must have at least 2 square feet(space) per chicken. Second, ensure you have one nesting box per 3 birds, and lastly, get a roosting bar with 8 inches of bar per chicken.

It is necessary to have a tractor big enough for a human to get inside and clean it and gather eggs.

The coop must have watering devices to keep the chickens hydrated throughout the night. And a small window will help them breathe fresh air. The nesting box should be located above the ground and away from the window to avoid heat and direct sunlight during the summer.

And never forget to get the one with wire mesh that protects the chickens from daytime predators.

What are the features to look for when chicken tractors are for sale in Australia?

1. Metal/aluminium Roof

The plastic or wooden roofs may give shade, but they are not as effective as the metal or aluminium roofs. Especially if you want to protect the livestock from harmful UV rays, a red-coated aluminium or metal roof is the best option. These are not just really beneficial for providing UV/heat protection, and they also last really longer than other roofs.

So, ensure you get a quality metal roof for the tractor.

2. Easy-Clean Interior(Accessibility)

There’s no point in having a great chicken tractor when you can’t clean and keep it hygienic. Amateur livestock business owners usually come across this issue after the purchase of the coops.

The accessibility and ability to reach every corner of the coop is critical to maintaining hygiene.

3. Ability to Disassemble

This feature is something you must check while buying a new coop. The coop might need to be moved or reassembled with new parts after some time, and it has to be a structure that you can work on as per the requirement.

4. Gravity Fed Pipe Feeders

The feed is stored above the entrance from which the chickens eat in a pipe feeding system. As the birds eat their way through the food, new food falls to fill the void.

The benefits of using a pipe feeder:

  • Instead of placing a large feeder in the centre of the coop, tuck feeders against a wall to save room.
  • Feed volume – because a lot of feed can be packed into a compact space, there is no need to replenish it frequently.

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