Bellevue bible study: What things to consider

Christianity is a lovely religion and it focuses on the love of God along with the love of his creature. Christianity teaches love to its followers. A true Christian has a lovely soul inside because his religion teaches him to love and serves humanity. Bible is the Holy Book of Christian and every Christian wants to be aware of the teachings of his Holy Book Bible. To make people aware of God’s words and words of Holy Bible, many churches worked in Bellevue. Bellevue is the city of State Washington where the major religion is Christianity. Jesus Lives is also a Church in Bellevue, which is working to be people aware of God’s words and the words of the Bible. In this article, we will explore more about Jesus Lives.  So in this article we will discuss about Bible study Bellevue with complete details.

Introduction of Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives is a church located in the Bellevue, States Washington, United States of America. It is providing services to people without any cost. Jesus Lives provide accommodation to people where they can pray and worship God. It provides a place for people where they can learn and get knowledge about the teachings of the God Jesus. It guides people according to the teachings of the Bible. It is working without any personal profit.

Jesus Lives’ Vision

Jesus Lives is a source of getting true knowledge about Christianity. It guides a Christian to be a true Christian. Jesus Lives gives a pace to people where they can pray to God Jesus and they can learn about the teachings of the Bible by participating in their services. Jesus Lives also participate in social services such as providing food and shelter to need or poor. Helping people financially and educating them. It also takes part in many cultural projects. Anyone who is working with Jesus, worked free of cost and works only for God’s love. It serves many people in Bellevue and provides them true guidance according to their Holy Book Bible.

Jesus Lives’ Mission

They are working for the love of God and want to find out their God by his words.

The mission statement of Jesus Lives: To spread the word of God, build discipline, and set captives free.

We can determine by their working mission statement that they spread God’s love among people. Jesus Lives works to guide people about the teachings of God and the Holy Bible. They encourage people to live their lives according to the teachings of God and the Holy Bible. Jesus works to make people’s lives disciplined. They spread love among people and the teachings of the Bible among people.

Services Day and Time

Jesus Lives is a Church that provides people a place to worship their God Jesus and to learn about the teachings of the Holy Bible. They provide services two days a week. Jesus Lives opened on Saturday and Thursday for their services.

  • Saturday night at 7:30 PM
  • Thursday night at 7:30 PM

How to get involved with Jesus Lives

If you want to get involved with Jesus Lives, you can visit directly at their location and you can get information by their Contact, E-mail address, and by their website. All the information about Jesus Lives mentioned below:

Address 13456 SE 27th PI Bellevue, WA 98005
Contact Number 452-655-5045
E-mail Address [email protected]


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