Are Demo Slots legal in the UK? 

Demo slots are amazing slot variations where players don’t have to pay a single penny in order to use them. As they are free to play, some players think that demo slots are illegal in the UK – try Power Play slots.

What are Demo Slots 

Demo slots are free to play versions of regular slot games. These slots are almost exactly the same as regular slots but with one major difference, they do not use any real currency. This means that players won’t have to pay anything in order to use them but also means that players won’t be rewarded with money if they manage to trigger lucrative prizes in game. As a result, demo slots are primarily used by players to practise their techniques and strategies. They are especially useful for players who are just starting out. More experienced players will find very little benefit in using demo slots, as there is no money to be won. It is almost completely pointless for high roller players to use this slot variation, beyond learning how to trigger the bonuses of the game. 

Benefits of Demo Slots 

Although some players may not see the benefit of a slot which doesn’t use any actual currency, especially if these players are high rollers, there are actually several benefits that players can receive from demo slots. 

  1. The first benefit is that players are given the perfect chance to practise. This means that they won’t have to worry about wasting money trying to get used to a brand new game mechanic, demo slots give them the chance to try out new strategies and work out ways to use these mechanics effectively. Although players who are exclusively high rollers won’t receive much benefit from a demo slot, as they need to compete with money, most players will certainly receive the advantages they provide.
  2. For newer players, the benefits of demo slots should be obvious. They can try out a game and get used to the way slots are played, this helps newer players to get comfortable with the gameplay and features of a game without losing any of their bankroll. 

Demo Slots in the UK 

Although demo slots are incredibly popular in the UK, thanks to the rise of online gambling addiction they have come under increased scrutiny. 

  •     UK gambling is heavily regulated by the gambling commission. This is a regulatory body which operates independently from casinos. They ensure fairness and transparency in the industry.
  •     Demo slots have become controversial due to their accessibility, unlike regular slot games, demo slots don’t require players to go through the same sign up process in order to be used. This results in players using them more likely to become addicted to online slots.

Final Thoughts 

Demo slots are ideal for players who wish to practise before properly using a slot game, they don’t require players to spend anything which makes them perfect to formulate strategies. Although they are not illegal in the UK,  slot regulation has increased over the years.

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