All You Need to Know About New York State Vehicle Inspections

New York state vehicle inspections started in the year 2014. All motorists received a small sticker placed on their windshield that tells about the vehicle’s assessment. The State law requires that all six or more years old vehicles get an inspection done before their registration. This article will tell you all you need to know about these inspections, from what they include to the New York State inspection cost. And also how they will affect your driving practices around the state.


The cost of your vehicle inspection can depend on various factors. The average New York state inspection cost is around $21. People are looking for the prices of a car or truck inspection in the state of New York. So, this page is supposed to list the cost of all such services in detail!

What it includes

This inspection revolves around checking the safety of all the different components of a vehicle. These include your windshields, seatbelts, horns, mirrors, seats, tires, engines, etc. All of these have to meet the minimum safety standards to pass the inspection test. Otherwise, your vehicle will be rejected for registration.

Things that fail the test

If your tires are excessively worn out, it will be a safety threat to you and other people too. So you will not be allowed to carry on with the inspection. Similarly, stiff brakes can be harmful too. No mirrors on the vehicle or the lights and indicators not working also make you ineligible for passing the test. So make sure everything is in tip-top condition before you take it out for registration.

Weight of vehicles

All vehicles have a specific loading capacity. Overloading your vehicles can get you a ticket too. Do not cross the weight limit of your car. The New York state inspection cost also depends on the weight of your vehicle.

Criteria for getting your vehicle inspected

It does not matter if you do not have a vehicle registration beforehand or if the vehicle does not have any license plates. Your vehicle will be eligible for the inspection process anyways. All you have to do is to provide the auto shop or the inspector a proper certificate which states that you are the owner of the vehicle. Otherwise, you cannot get it inspected and hence will not be able to register it at all.

Wrapping it up

Car checks are essential for legal and safety purposes. Be a responsible citizen and get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Apart from a lawful necessity, it will also help you know about any trouble your car is going through.

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