All you need to know about Copper fit knee brace

When you want some relief from knee joint pain, you will come across many knee braces on the market. But, when you choose a knee brace, you have to ensure the level of protection. On the other hand, you have to choose a strap that can offer knee compression and enhance mobility.

But, to experience comfort, you need to select a Copper fit knee brace. So, let’s check out everything you must know about such a kind of brace. When you consider the braces, it helps you stay relaxed and gives extra support at the same time. However, when you buy a knee brace, ensure that you have selected the correct size.

Why must you consider purchasing a Copper fit knee brace?

If you’re looking for the best solution to reduce strain around your knee, you can buy the knee brace by Copper fit. The knee sleeve helps reduce pain and muscle soreness based on the compression technology. Besides, the sleeve helps the muscles to recover faster due to increased blood flow. Moreover, due to copper ions, the fabric becomes an antibacterial material. This fabric will keep the area odorless due to the moisture-wicking technology. Even when you wear the sleeve for a long time, it keeps the area dry under pressure. Consequently, you will not feel uneasy due to skin irritation and rashes across the area.

How do you need to wear the knee brace?

It’s pretty easy to use the knee brace by Copper fit. As you put on the knee brace, you will discover a great way to be mobile. Now, let’s check how you can put on the knee brace.

Step 1: Firstly, remove the wrap and hot gel pack from the package. You need to refer to the instruction manual later to know more about the wrap. But, you will find the instructions for heating and cooling printed on the gel pack.

Step 2: Soon after you decide on the therapy, you need to place the gel pack inside the refrigerator. To make the gel pack cold, you need to place the pack for around 2 hours. But, for the heat therapy, you will first check the microwave’s wattage.

Step 3: Now, when you know the maximum wattage, you have to look for the wattage on the gel pack. Further ahead, before you place the gel pack inside the microwave, you have to wrap it with a damp cloth. Later, you need to set the wattage soon after you refer to the technical manual of the microwave.

Step 4: Towards the end, you need to open the hook and loop closure and place the gel pack carefully. You have to turn over the sleeve with the Copper fit logo towards the bottom. Later, you need to place the wrap on your knee and secure it on top and below the knee. Soon after the therapy, you can remove the wrap and store it safely.

Is it necessary to tighten the knee brace?

Most of the time, the knee brace should fit well around the area. But, if you tighten the brace to some extent, it can impede the movement. As time passes, you can think about tightening the knee brace to help you with compression. But, do ensure that it isn’t tight to block blood circulation and cause skin irritation.

Finally, you must know when you have to wear a knee brace. If you’re not involved in any physical activity, you have to remove the knee brace before falling asleep. Even when there’s no time limit to put on the knee brace, doctors recommend using the brace only when necessary.

On the contrary, you must not use the knee brace during physical therapy. In those instances, you will know how to engage the muscles and control the movement of the leg.

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