6 Easy Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

When we talk about a full-time job, it is almost always associated with a whole wealth of challenges. And, throughout all these years, many of us got so used to the thought that being on the job market equals working restlessly that we don’t even realize it doesn’t have to be like that.

Starting from writing a resume and getting through the applicant tracking process to the moment when you land a job and years of work after that – there will be plenty of challenges and issues. But, clearly, not everyone is ready for this level of stress and pressure. So, what if you don’t really feel like doing all these hard and tiring jobs? That’s up to you and the good news is that in the future of the workforce, there are plenty of new (and not so new) occupations that are extremely easy to do but that, at the same time, offer a pretty solid salary.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top six positions of 2022 across different industries that are both high-paid and easy. Let’s dive in!

Video Game Tester

If you are currently a student planning your job search strategy for 2022 and not sure what career field to consider, this might be a perfect option for you. There is no secret that youth is spending lots of time playing video games. Now, what if we tell you that you can actually make money doing what you love?

You can also get paid to create good quality content for websites and e-commerce stores.  Stores such as this one will pay freelance writers between $5-$15 per article it publishes. This allows you the flexibility to work when you want and earn as much as you need. Be careful though as the articles submitted need to be relevant to the website niche / demographic for the articles to be accepted. Your content also needs to be engaging and original to be accepted. Articles will typically be run through plagiarism software to confirm originality and ownership. Content with images and above 1000 words are more likely to be accepted.

To occupy a video game tester role you don’t really need to have any special level of qualification or training. All you need is a true passion for video games and enough free time, and it can make you up to $70k a year. Yes, this might not be the highest-paying option. But, doesn’t it sound like a dream job?

Personal Stylist

The next option on our list is not new. Nevertheless, there still is a high demand for personal stylists.

Basically, the duties include shopping, assembling different outfits, and curating customers’ wardrobes. The key skills needed for this role are good time management, an eye for detail, and, of course, a great sense of fashion. But, if you have it all, you can make up to $150 an hour!

The only trick here is that it can be rather hard to craft a winning resume for this position. To attract the recruiter’s or customer’s attention, you will need a brilliant portfolio and a resume that shows your best professional qualities, but you can always look up professional resume editing service that will help you land an interview with ease.

Data Analyst

According to different reports, data analytics will be among the most in-demand jobs of 2022 and years to come. And, no matter how hard and even terrifying it may sound, specialists claim that it’s not all that hard to master and start a career in data analytics.

The demands for an “ideal” applicant aren’t very strict either. You will be expected to have some industry-related knowledge and skills, but it is even possible to land the job with no work experience. And the pay is pretty high – around $70k. Besides, this job might offer pretty good opportunities for growth, so if data science sounds interesting to you, give it a try and apply for this role.


SMM Manager

Are you a huge fan of social media? Do you keep up with all the trends and know what it takes to attract and keep the followers’ attention? Then the position of an SMM manager can be perfect for you. This profession isn’t very hard to master, but it can offer a stable and pretty high income.

What about the requirements? For such positions, employers typically prefer to hire humans who are creative, well-versed in different social media channels, and have the skills and experience needed for the creation of high-quality content. As long as you have all these qualities and know exactly how to engage the audience in social media, you can send your applications for such jobs even without prior experience.

Photo/Video Editor

For more creative individuals, with the growing number of bloggers as well as businesses that go online, the demand for professional photo and video editors is skyrocketing, so there are plenty of work opportunities.

One more reason to opt for this option is that you can build a successful career as a photo/video editor on a freelance basis. Doing this type of work doesn’t really require you to be officially employed or spend all your days, 9 to 5, at the office. Instead, you can travel the world and make money from anywhere.

Software Developer

Finally, the last option on our list shouldn’t surprise you. Software developers have been in high demand for a while. So, it is not too much of a reach to assume this job will still be trending in 2022.

The average annual salary for software developers reaches $105,090, which is pretty impressive. But, the best part is that learning software development is no longer as hard as many believe. In fact, anyone can master this high-paying job. So, if this option sounds appealing to you, be sure to give it a try!

The Bottom Line

Work smarter, not harder – this phrase can be called the motto of the 21st century. The world’s population has long discovered the benefits of automation, outsourcing, and smart workload management. So, now, there is no secret that when building a career, you don’t necessarily have to work tirelessly. In fact, you can do an easy job, but still, get paid pretty well!

Hopefully, this article was helpful to all current and future job seekers! After reading it, you should have a better idea of what easy but well-paid jobs will be out there in 2022. Now, the choice is yours. Find what suits your personality and professional identity most, and pursue your goals! search on the blogblus for more related articles. 

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