5 Strong Reasons To Buy Your Handcrafted Home Today

Handcrafted homes are becoming more popular and probably the next big thing, for all the best reasons. A handmade dome home is a type of house that features a spherical or rounded beautifully crafted shell framework. These spherical houses have unique perks, such as adaptable layouts and extended ceilings, and can be quickly and cheaply constructed.

These homes can be classified into two main categories depending on the type of shell used. These are:


A geodesic dome is a spherical structure firmly standing on a polyhedron. Its dome features many small triangles that form an almost spherical shape. They are perfect for solar panels since you can perch them at any angle on the roof.


On the other hand, a monolithic dome uses a single layer of concrete to make the shell. Their concrete exterior makes them amazingly resistant to rots and bugs.

Benefits of Buying a Handcrafted Home

Many people are obsessed with dome homes, and you may be wondering whether they are better than typical standard homes. Well, they could be far much better or not. It boils down to personal preference and taste. Below we list reasons why people love these structures and why you should consider getting one:

1. Cheaper Cost of Construction

A dome home usually takes a lesser surface area than a standard home. This means a simple roundhouse structure will cost you about 30% less than a rectangle or square home. With the right expertise, you will get your dream home at a reasonable price, saving you a lot of money. Materials for the same are also a bit cheaper.

2. Something Unique

Since time immemorial, domes have been very rare, and few contractors have an idea on how to begin building one. Geodesic domes can be designed to rotate to give you different views. If you can afford to own one, you’ll thank yourself later for the masterpiece you’ll get, and you can always resell it later in life.

3. Energy Efficient

With climate change concerns, everyone is trying to conserve energy, which besides helping the planet saves on energy costs. Nobody would turn down a lower energy bill. The shape of domes encourages good air circulation, which keeps the temperature in the whole house standard. This saves you on the energy and electricity you’d otherwise use to condition the house, which saves on costs.

4. Can be Designed Differently

Dome home has enough room space to design however you want. Depending on your taste, you can make them look rustic, modern, or retro. You can subdivide the structure into small rooms or apply an open concept. Be sure to look for amazing inspirations on Pinterest and the internet generally.

5. Increased Safety

Tests and research have proven geodesic homes to be nearly earthquake-free. The constitution and material used for these handcrafted homes make them resistant to natural disasters such as storms. Therefore, you’re assured of your family’s safety in case a disaster occurs.


Similar to other homes, dome homes also have their share of disadvantages. One is that they’re difficult to build. The benefits otherwise outweigh the drawbacks. The above reasons should convince you to buy a handcrafted dome home.

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