4 Things Required to Maintain Your Bicycle

Australia is a great place for cyclists. The scenic view and the amazing road trails are all that a cyclist could ask for! According to a report, 1.2 million bicycles were sold to Australians in 2017. And a survey in 2019 states that 3.4 million Australians ride bikes either for recreation or transport in a typical week. So, if you are amongst that million, you must know how to maintain and clean your bike properly. After all, keeping it new and healthy can ensure a smooth ride. 

You can purchase a variety of cleaning products, brush sets and lubricants from online stores like Morgan Blue in Australia. Meanwhile, maintenance is an easy task, and you must know the essentials required for it. So, if you are new or don’t know how to maintain your bike, this article will be your guide.

  • Cleaning Products

It is a must to clean your bike every week. When you take care of your bike, it will help you to ride better and safer. Meanwhile, a variety of cleaning products are available in the market that works perfectly with a sponge or an old rag. You will find degreasers, water repellents, silicone sprays and other cleaning agents in online stores. So you can purchase them and put them to use. Although cleaning with water and a sponge might be sufficient, cleaning with the products mentioned above will be more effective, and It can also make cleaning a lot quicker. And you can use the water repellent spray on the chain, derailleur and cassette after cleaning; it will stop the formation of rust on those parts.

  • Cable Cutters

Replacing cables on the bicycle is an extremely effortless task. It improves the performance of the gears and brakes immensely. The gears can miss-fire, and the brakes can feel spongy if there is a grit between the stretched cable and the protective outer cable. And due to long wet rides, it is more likely that the cables can wear out. But it is recommended not to cut them with an old set of pliers because it can fray the cable. Meanwhile, sharp and powerful cutters can keep the cable end neat and cut through the outer cable without compromising it.

  • Brush Set

A bicycle works better when the moving parts are properly maintained. And during a two-hour ride, your chain can come in contact with the cassette many times, and with a bit of grit in those parts, they can wear out eventually. Meanwhile, if you use the rag, it might not clean the gathered grit. Hence, you must purchase brush sets for the proper cleaning of the bike. Moreover, when you buy bigger brushes, they can easily get in the brake callipers, jockey wheel cages and behind the front mech.

  • Lubricants

Keeping your bike lubricated increases the performance of the bike. And lubricants keep rust and corrosion at bay and prevent the parts from freezing up. They also protect them from excessive wear caused by friction. So, you need to look for parts where the metal pieces move against each other and lubricate them. And remember not to over-lubricate as it can result in component damage and poor performance. The chain is a primary moving part that requires frequent lubrication. Brake and shifter levers, derailleur cables and pedals are other moving parts that must be lubricated regularly. But make sure that the oil is neither too thick nor too thin. This is because if it is too thin, it will dissipate quickly, and if it is too thick, it can attract a lot of dirt.

Purchasing these items for bike maintenance is easy from online stores like Morgan Blue in Australia. So, make sure you maintain it every week. Indeed, your bike will be in tip-top shape, and your rides will be safer and more fun.

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