4 Reasons Why You Should Use P2 Masks

The air quality today has gotten so bad that even WHO is advising individuals to walk out with a good mask on, not to forget the COVID-19 virus too. Initially, people would wear masks made of cloth or surgical masks that were not so effective in containing the dust or the virus, rendering them almost useless. That is where the P2 mask comes into play, as its quality is unmatched, and its purpose is endless.

People who work in industries or mills know how bad it can sometimes be to breathe without a mask. The dust and smoke get accumulated in the lungs that could cause severe respiratory issues in the future. In addition, there could also be the virus spreading around them, and they would be inhaling it without knowledge. This will risk not only their lives but also their families, even after taking all precautions but not committing to wearing a mask.

So, this article will state important factors that emphasise why people should consider investing in P2 masks today.

1. The Simple Alternative

Many people are struggling to find vaccinations across the world, and despite the majority of the population in Australia having been vaccinated, they must adhere to the simplest alternative form of protection from the virus and other harmful toxins in the air they breathe. So, it is a quick and easy step to invest in P2 masks not only for themselves but also for the whole family, as it ensures double protection.

2. Acts as a Protective Barrier

The transmission of pollutants from the air to the human lungs is almost effortless as the air we breathe contains fine particles of these pollutants. And, this could lead to bronchitis in the later stages if preventive steps are not taken. Apart from that, the coronavirus is airborne, making young children in the family susceptible to getting infected if their parents do not try and create a protective barrier between themselves and other people or the atmosphere. They also have a greater chance of carrying the virus back home if they do not wear a P2 mask to create a shield.

3. To Avoid Any Uncertainties

During the early stages of the virus in Australia, people who were infected were required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask, whereas now, as found by detailed studies, everyone is asked to wear them. The research shows that even if an individual is not showing any physical symptoms of the viral infection, they could still be carriers, which is a very dangerous game to play. Meanwhile, one in 10 people have a chance of being asymptomatic and carry it with them and spread it to individuals who are more prone to being symptomatic and fall ill. This is the reason why wearing a good industry-grade mask is important.

4. Safety in Site Work

The last point is regarding occupational hazards and not the coronavirus, as these masks are extremely safe and are a part of many PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits used in many industries in Australia. The safety and hazard team ensures all the employees who are close to agents like sawdust or soot, or other byproducts of operations that lingers in the air, are always wearing their industry-grade masks. This will safeguard their lungs from getting clogged and sometimes cut from sharp particles like fine sawdust or glass powder that are common in glass or woodwork industries.

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