Know the art of promoting your business with the right custom tablecloth- a user’s guide 

You’ve a trade show and you’re busy arranging the promo pens, custom banners, and business tents and pop-up tents. But, there’s one thing that you tend to miss every time. It’s a custom tablecloth. There are various ways in which a custom-printed tablecloth can turn your table into a lucrative brand ambassador.

  • It all starts with the company logo. It’s the first thing onlookers will find in your tablecloth. Take Nike, Apple, or McDonalds for example.
  • Your logo should be a clean and clear focal point on the cloth. You can add it atop the table as well.
  • The tablecloth houses extra text. Your logo is the cynosure, but you need wording for context. Depending on the tablecloth’s space, consider adding more text in the form of social media accounts, company tagline, website and company name.
  • Regardless of the text you put on your custom tablecloths, just ensure it has readability.
  • Don’t include typefaces that you cannot notice from a distance. Keep the words to the point, clear, and bold.
  • For the table type, drape the cloth in style. For example, a standard rectangle shape hangs down on a restaurant tablecloth’s four sides.
  • A table runner is a custom fabric strip that hangs over a drab tablecloth.

Design and maintenance

It takes proper concept and planning to design a custom tablecloth online. There are trusted companies that deliver stress-free and the easiest solution to make these pieces for your business event. The companies provide three stellar ways to let you personalize your trade show or expo table covers online.

  • You can use the online design kit to design the cover online. There are several options for uploading logos, images, graphics, images, and auxiliary content. You can choose from a variety of colors, clip arts, backgrounds, and fonts and more. Find the custom style in real time before sending it to the company.
  • The companies also enable you to upload artwork template. Experts recommend you use the option. They provide dedicated trade show tablecloths with several downloadable templates.
  • You can upload your graphic and artwork on your computer software.
  • The websites also provide free design services. There are experienced graphic designers that offer the tools at no extra cost. They have a pre-press unit to send an approval proof.

To care for the table covers, machine wash the piece on a delicate cycle. You can use cold water for hand-washing table covers. Don’t bleach these covers. Use low heat iron or a steamer for smoothing out the wrinkles and eliminating them. Check out wedding linen direct, if you want to know about it.

Placement and positioning

Apart from artificial fabric or cotton, a custom tablecloth entails expensive options like linen, lace, or silk. The basic function of table covers is to shield the table underneath it from damage, stains, and scratches. You can also use them for decoration by placing it in a certain manner and by coordinating with miscellaneous items on the table.

The possibilities of positioning the tablecloth are numerous, but after deciding one element, coordinating the remaining part becomes a lot easier. You can also use a table runner for the same purpose.

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