Hiring the best temp staff – the importance of temps software and candidate skills assessment software

While everyone knows how fast-paced the recruitment industry is, the turnaround in the temps recruiting sector is even quicker. Having solid temporary recruitment agency software and good candidate skills assessment software makes the work much easier and more efficient for temps recruiters.

The right skills testing software will carry variety of skills assessments from numeracy skills tests, literacy test online or a MS Office skills test, or even facility for custom skills tests.

In what ways are temporary recruitment different from perm?

The main difference is in the length of the job role. Hiring companies may need staff for as short as one day. Or the role can be three months long. The contract length for a perm role is ongoing. For perm roles, the hiring process is more intensive and longer as the company intends to bring the staff on board for a long time.

So, when recruiters are hiring for temp jobs, there is the pressure of finding suitable and available candidates as quickly as possible. But at the same time, the recruiting process must be still thorough and superior. This is where the presence of a temps recruitment software and employee skills testing software count.

How do temps software and online skills assessment software help?

Recruitment database software acts as the centralised location that helps boost better quality recruiting.

  • It stores data in one place minimising the risk of misplacing important information.
  • Cloud-based recruitment software facilitates easy access to data as it is stored in the cloud. This enables recruiters to work from anywhere.

When it comes to temp recruitment software, this is a CRM system that is designed to help improve the temps hiring process. The temps recruiting desk is busier than any other. Recruiters who utilise this software will find it easy to keep on top of everything.

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It helps recruiters store candidate information easily, seek available candidates quickly, and keep communication clear. The day-to-day tasks of maintaining online booking sheets and shift planners, checking for compliance, candidate invoices, etc., are also hassle-free. Using the best temporary recruitment agency software allows recruiters to focus on the most important task at hand – finding skilled candidates.

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The best recruiting software is equipped with automation that cuts down tedium and takes over repetitive work such as CV parsing. It also helps users respond to communication swiftly while also encouraging storing notes on any form of interaction like interviews, phone calls, emails, etc.

Leveraging online skills testing software for the best temps hire

Many successful recruiters understand that employee skills testing software can be an important competitive differentiator. This is an immensely useful tool when recruiters have hundreds of applications and limited time.

Skills tests are valuable in filtering applications. A good skills assessment software will have a big library of assessments. Recruiters can quickly select appropriate tests and send those to candidates. These are also standardised tests which means that everyone has the same set of questions and will be marked the same way so that no candidate gets an unfair advantage.

Online skills testing gives recruiters and candidates the advantage of administering and taking the assessment quickly and from anywhere that is convenient to them. When temp recruiters need to fill roles rapidly, the online skills tests are a huge asset. So, whether it is literacy skills testing or numeracy skills test or even creating a bespoke skills test, it is possible to pick and send the appropriate one to candidates in a few minutes.

The skills test results also arrive promptly in the recruiter’s inbox once the candidate is finished with the assessment. Then the result can be shared with the client who can use it to make informed hiring decisions.

Ensure that the skills assessment software integrates smoothly with the temporary recruitment agency software. This integration is important because both of the tech tools will be used daily.

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