Engagement Rings for the Soon-to-Be Couple

Hurray! You’re finally ready to pop the question. To begin, congrats! We understand how thrilling it might be to take this next step. We also understand how daunting the process may be, particularly when purchasing an engagement ring. With an infinite number of designs, and settings to choose from, selecting the perfect ring for your lover might seem like traversing an endless labyrinth. If you’re having difficulty picking the ideal emblem of your love, have no fear. Vaibhav Jewellers is here to help you discover the perfect ring for you and your sweetheart.

The beautiful engagement rings for couples from Vaibhav jewellers are unique in their meaning and serve as a symbol of everlasting love. Our assortment includes a variety of styles, from matching gold rings and bands to striking mismatched rings.

Popular Designs for Gold Engagement Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

Finger Gold Bands

For the most significant period recorded, either plain gold bands or gold bands with stones have been fashionable. Even though they seem basic, their simplicity and comfort are much beyond any other form. One of its most outstanding features is that you can wear it with both businesslike and traditional attire.  Most of our couple ring sets are created based on this specific pattern. We have 22k Clone Couple Gold Bands, 22k The Eternal Connection Gold Rings, and 22k Screw & Bolt Couple Gold Bands, The Regal Solitaire Gold Bands, The Tangent Couple Rings, 22K King & Queen Love Gold Bands, The Holy Clasp Couple Gold Bands, 22K Love Light Couple Gold Rings, for example. These bands come in a variety of gold colours and styles to make you shine on your D-day.

If you prefer two distinct rings rather than a set, choose a stunning design from our gold rings for women section. They are available in various popular designs and styles, ranging from conventional yellow bands to rings with fancy colour stones and diamonds. You can always get a matching ring for him to complete the look.

Floral Themes

Floral assets, such as flowers, petals, vines, and other motifs seen in gardens, have made resurgence as a conventional design choice. These pieces are stunning; either made entirely of gold or studded with tiny diamonds or cubic zirconia (CZ) stones. This gold ring for women has a whimsical appearance because of the flower jewellery design on top of it.

The Gold Fusion

Mixed metal rings are the perfect solution if you can’t get enough of any particular metal. When a white gold band surrounds diamonds, the impression is amplified even more. It’s time to show off your new ring!

Rings with Extensive detailing

The more intricately detailed your ring is, the more others will notice it! The intricate motifs make this specific style of gold ring for women seem attractive from all angles. The fashionable effect on the ring is thought to represent engagement’s everlasting link. However, these rings are not suitable for rough use.

Engagement Rings – Solitaires

When it comes to engagement rings, solitaires are the first thing most women think about. Engagement rings of this type are among the most popular. Regardless of the form of the diamond, a solitaire setting is ideal for a ring band. A solitaire ring may have any shape diamonds and yet look stunning. The diamond would be held in place by the ring’s prongs. Having a 4-prong ring will let you see the diamond clearly, making it the focal point of your engagement ring, which will be stunning from any angle. A ring with six prongs, on the other hand, is a fantastic option. Choose a solitaire ring, and you’ll have a safe bet. Solitaire has been around for a long time, and it will continue to be famous for as long as there are people who want to play it.

Did you know the term “solitaires” doesn’t always imply diamonds?

Coloured gemstones are also included here. Start with coloured diamonds, such as green, red, blue, pink, orange, and black. Also, try Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Blue Sapphire, Citrine Emerald, Peridot and Pink Spinel. You may opt for a gemstone based on their birthstone or favourite colour.

Engagement Rings with Gemstones

The gemstone rings are the avant-garde of contemporary art in jewellery. Each of these uncommon gems is distinctive in its own way, with some being subtle while others are more vibrant and dazzling, producing a diverse spectrum of vintage touch aesthetic engagement rings. The elegant navratna themes are a sought-after option for a timeless and non-traditional engagement ring. The colourful highlights of this exceptional piece of jewellery can be accentuated in all shapes and cuts, whether you like a traditional round, oval, cushion, or emerald shape or a modern pear, princess, or heart shape.

Men’s Engagement Rings

Men have similar possibilities in jewellery arena. You can get a gold ring or a solitaire ring for him. Compared to a gold ring for women, men’s rings are wider. That is why a design with a cluster of tiny diamonds is appropriate. You may leave his ring’s shank basic or sculpted. Additionally, you can try white and yellow gold tones in combination, as they are really fashionable right now.

N.B. – Bear in mind that men’s rings are more expensive than women’s rings since they are bigger and thicker and include much more metal and gemstones (if any).

Maintain a budget.

There ought to be a predetermined price range for the ring in your mind. Let us know about your budget ahead of time to show you precisely those engagement rings for couples we have in stock for that price range. We will show you the most excellent solutions accessible for your budget.

Why should you select us above other local jewellers?

You may always get your engagement ring from local jewellers. However, can you guarantee the quality? If you purchase from a reputable jeweller such as us, you won’t have to worry about the product’s quality. The BIS seal guarantees the superior quality, purity, and authenticity of the products you purchase from us. While non–hallmarked jewellery is less expensive, the BIS hallmark ensures that you get what you paid for.

A word of advice:

Shop for rings together

Buying a ring together is more fun than buying alone these days. Investing in an engagement ring is a lifelong commitment. So, gift them something they will like. Taking them along is the best way. When going alone, be informed of their preferences. It’s their choice of metal, stone, form and size. Remember their ring size as well.

Summing Up

We’ve curated an incredible collection of his and hers matching engagement rings for couples on the hunt for the ideal ring sets. Otherwise, choose two different pieces to make your dream engagement ring set. Additionally, each engagement ring in our store can be customised in a number of ways. By using a range of precious metals into your ring, you may enhance the brilliance of your centre stone and reflect your originality and flair. Everything is neatly labelled with weights and prices to make things easy to find. Not only that, but we also give expert advice on jewellery purchases to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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